eFootball.Pro League still full of goals and excitement, with matches and table very even

Boavista FC and AS Monaco, and FC Schalke 04 and FC Nantes end up with a draw. FC Barcelona beat Celtic FC, and the table changes at the top

If the second matchday of the eFootball.Pro League left the table even and all open facing the classification for the Finals, the third gave even more emotion, if possible, to the competition. With draws in two of the matches and the first defeat of Celtic FC, there are still no teams sentenced to the Last Chance Group, but neither any already qualified for the Semifinals.

The score of the first match of the day, between Boavista FC and AS Monaco (1-1), does not reflect at all the action that was experienced at the Highvideo Studios on Saturday. The first game (3-2) was a crazy match, without many chances, but with many goals, which ended in victory for the Portuguese team in the last moments, and a hat-trick for TioMit. The second, however, was an exhibition of Monaco (1-6) and its players, who scored a treble each, after an initial mirage in which it seemed that Boavista could take all three points.

The second match of the day, which faced FC Schalke 04 and FC Nantes, again repeated a draw in the overall score (1-1) and an avalanche of goals. The first game was settled by a lone goal from EL_Matador (1-0) and there was nothing to suppose the scoring madness of the second. The two teams took turns facing the goalkeeper, and the final 3-5 included hat-tricks from EL_Matador and Aazbabysk. This match had the first rotation of the eFootball.Pro League, with MeroMen in Schalke 04 replacing GoooL.

The last match, between FC Barcelona and Celtic FC, promised surprises after the substitution of ETTORITO97 and Ildistruttore-44 by E_C_Oneill and Indominator in the Scottish team. And it was like that. The dominance of Celtic so far, unbeaten in the competition, disappeared to meet a Barça who knew how to stand up and with a PaUUU24 especially resolutive. The first game ended in a victory for Barça (3-2), although in the last minutes they smelled the comeback. The second, however, was Barcelona who was about to overcome it. They did not need it, because the final draw (2-2) served to achieve the three points and leave Celtic without points for the first time in the competition.

With these results, the league undergoes a change in the first position. Celtic yields the leadership to Barcelona, although they’re both tied in points. Everything is ready so that the two matchdays of Regular League that remain to be disputed are full of emotion.