Celtic FC and FC Barcelona qualify for Finals in the eFootball.Pro League Matchday 4

There are still open opportunities for the rest of the teams to secure the last spot of the Finals in Matchday 5

With the eFootball.Pro League about to end its Regular League phase, there are two teams with secured spots to the Finals, while the rest will have to wait to Matchday 5 to snatch the remaining spot to avoid the Last Chance Group. Celtic FC and FC Barcelona’s victories on Matchday 4 allowed them qualify mathematically to the Finals, after having practically dominated the eFootball.Pro League Table.

The first match of the day came with high pressure and a roller coaster of emotions for both AS Monaco and Celtic FC (0-1). The Scottish team presented a consistent defense at the beginning of the match, while AS Monaco remained very insistent throughout both games. Celtic FC were gradually increasing the ball possession until E_C_Oneill scored a lone goal at the end of the first match, giving the victory to the Bhoys 0-1. During the second game, AS Monaco had numerous goal chances but only one ended inside the net, while Celtic remained pressuring to maintain the second match in a draw (1-1) to secure a spot in the Finals.

The second match of Matchday 4, between Boavista FC and Schalke 04, ended with the long-awaited victory for Boavista FC (2-0). The Portuguese team came very hungry for a victory after winning their first point of the season on Matchday 3, thanks to a draw. Boavista played a steady game, always taking advantage of opportunities to score, while keeping their guard high in the defense. Schalke 04 played a very skilled game, creating various golden opportunities for them, while fighting their way through Boavista’s high pressure. It was a goal from Christopher in the very last minute that secured Boavista their victory for Game 1 (3-2). The Germans opted to increase their pressure on Game 2 and take over the ball possession more, which became effective at the beginning with a goal from EL_Matador. But it wasn’t enough to chop Boavista’s optimism. TioMit scored a goal of his own later in the match and Christopher scored a free kick goal, ending Game 2 (2-1) and giving Boavista their very first victory in the eFootball.Pro League.

The last match of the day, between FC Barcelona and FC Nantes, ended with a victory for Barça that secured their classification to the Finals (2-0). The match began with leveled ball possession for both teams, but as the minutes went by, the ball was mostly in the Blaugrana side. Nantes played with a firm defence, rejecting many chances of their opponents, but FC Barcelona’s consistency was tough to break, costing them first game (2-1). Even though Barça had already made it to the Finals after winning the first game, they didn’t lower their guard for the second game. Nantes was desperate to end the match in a draw to keep alive their hopes to avoid the Last Chance Group. Game 2 ended 3-1, with a victory for FC Barcelona.

The eFootball.Pro League table remained the same for the top 3 (FCB, CEL, ASM), and changed among the last three positions (BOA, S04, FCN). FC Barcelona and Celtic FC secured the first two spots for the Finals, but there is a spot still remaining. The rest of the teams have an opportunity to snatch the last spot and avoid the Last Chance Group in Matchday 5. AS Monaco is the team that has higher possibilities than the others, since they only depend on giving a successful performance on the next matchday. The rest of teams depend on the results at the end of Matchday 5, if Monaco loses. With the eFootball.Pro League Regular Season is coming to an end, the next matchday will be very exciting, without any doubt.