Players' thoughts of their performance after Schalke 04 vs FC Nantes in Matchday 3

Players reflect on their dissatisfaction of the results obtained in the third Matchday

Schalke 04 player EL_Matador thought that "In the end of the first game I think we were a bit lucky, with that strange goal, and in the second game we were a bit short to get a draw.”

However, despite taking a point home after Matchday 3, EL_Matador reflected on the mistakes the team did: "Those were completely individual mistakes. In real football when this happens every defense looks bad, so yeah, not a good day for us.”

Alex GRD: "We are happy to take one point, but we think that we could take the 3 points today. I hope we will win the two remaining matches."

Alex GRD from FC Nantes was asked about their Own Goal (OG) at the beginning of Game 1: "Yeah, very difficult to lose this first game, own goal. So I think we deserved it because we missed many occasions in the game".

Despite having losing the first game with an OG, the team is "happy to take one point, but we think that we could take the 3 points today”.

The French players are still hoping to reach the next round: "Yeah, I think we can, if we win against Barcelona and Boavista, we can be in the three first (places) of eFootball.Pro League, so I hope we will win these two games".