Players' thoughts of their performance after FC Barcelona vs Celtic FC in Matchday 3

Players look forward to keep improving through the Matchdays left

After INDOMINATOR’s and E_C_Oneill’s debut on eFootball.Pro League for Celtic FC, they thought that "we had great chances before we began, but it’s not an excuse".

E_C_Oneill also stated that they were lacking rest for Matchday 3: "the sharpness is a little bit less and yeah I think next time when we have more rest we will do better”.

As for the winners of the third match of the day, FC Barcelona, player Alex Alguacil said that the team feels "amazing, you know, so many weeks waiting to have a new Matchday and here we are today, with a great victory, a very important one".

The team at the top of the eFootball.Pro League table also believe they still have room for improvement:  "the good thing is that we can still improve a lot, we have a long way to improve more, so, happy with that".