Players' thoughts of their performance after Boavista FC vs Schalke 04 in Matchday 4

Schalke 04 amidst frustration, and Boavista FC with a boost of optimism

When asked what is preventing them from having more control over the game, EL_Matador, Schalke 04 player, thought: "We should score from our chances, the game would have gone better for us.”

EL_Matador also stated that the lack of rest affects greatly their performance: "When you wake up at 4am and sit the whole day all around and do nothing, it’s hard to concentrate 12 hours later. Maybe, a bit better preparation would be good”.

After winning their first match of the season, Boavista FC player Christopher was asked about how they keep their heads cool during critical moments of the match: "It’s always difficult. But you know the quality, the weaknesses and the good points of the teams, and with Boavista, you have to be very very patient. We know how much is important the minute 45 and 90 in a football game. I said to him (TioMit) be patient at the last minute”

Chirstopher also stated that: “I think we did one mistake on the game, until the 0-1 of the second game (EL_Matador’s goal)  because we stayed too much in defence, and we gave them the opportunity to score, and I think they deserved to score the 0-1.”

He also told his experience with the free kick goal: “I had hesitation to shoot or pass, but finally, I took the good decision”.