Players' thoughts of their performance after FC Nantes vs Boavista FC in Matchday 5

FC Nantes happy for getting the last three points of the season, and Boavista FC hoped to have evaded a defeat

Christopher expressed that they felt confident until things turned around for Boavista in Game 2: “We played the first game very well with a lot of confidence. Not on every game we play very sure. I think we touched the ball at the post and in the same occasion before the penalty. Unfortunately, we failed the ball on the line. But it’s a big part of the game, but it’s a pity when you see the second game because each occasion is a goal for them”

The Boavista duo believe that they didn't deserve to lose on the last Regular League matchday: “But when I say it isn’t deserved, it’s in comparison with the first game. I think we deserved to win the first game, and if you win it will change completely the matchday but that’s the game. Congratulations to them and the three teams qualified already and we will work to be the last team (qualified for the Finals).”

Alex GRD expressed how the duo managed both games to get their long-awaited victory: “The first match was very odd. It was well to have a draw so we were lucky in the first game, but in the head we were here, and it’s why we have the draw in the first game. In the second game we played a very good game, spectacular.”

The FC Nantes player also commented on AS Monaco’s encouraging expressions during the match: “I saw this, yeah, Usma, good, well, during the game. But when were near to the 56th (minute) he was like ‘No more goals! Stop Stop!’”.