Players' thoughts of their performance after FC Barcelona vs AS Monaco in Matchday 5

Both teams are focused on the Finals. They will see each other again in the second Semifinal, on Sunday 19th May

Even though the FC Barcelona duo are qualified for the Finals, they are not happy about how Matchday 5 came out for them: “We are disappointed because we didn’t play both games as we know. I guess, as well, the second game we could play a little bit better. But well, happy you know, at least we are in the Finals”.

Their priority at the moment is to perform well at the Finals: “Looking forward for the next month, the finals, the great event. It’s where we have to do our best. If we do our best, these past few months, it doesn't matter, so looking forward for next month, nonetheless.”

Alex Alguacil also had some comments about Usmakabyle’s expressions towards them during the match: “Well, I guess it motivates more to play stronger. It doesn't matter. We’re not used to talk, at least to talk about the opponent in the middle of the game because I think it’s not respect. But well, each one plays like he wants, so let's see. It’s competition.”

Lotfi, AS Monaco player, expressed that the team is satisfied with achieving a draw on Matchday 5: “We are happy. We were here to win one of the two games because if we won one, we are qualified, so we are happy with our game. After, in the second (game), it was another context. We tried some things and it didn't work, but the most important (thing) was to be qualified for the semi finals.”

When Usmakabyle was asked about his interactions with their opponents during the match, he said that it is part of the strategy to maybe unsettle the opponent a little bit, but what they’re focused on is winning the match.

Lotfi believes that AS Monaco can take on FC Barcelona on the semi final and qualify for the Finals: “I think we have good chances. We basically play very good. We have improved our mentality, you know, more fun. And maybe we were more nervous in the last games, so I think we are better in all. I think we are better and we will do all to win.”