Players' thoughts of their performance after Celtic FC vs Schalke 04 in Matchday 5

Schalke 04 to concentrate for the Last Chance Group, while a confident Celtic FC finishes the Regular League strong at 1st place

GoooL, player for Schalke 04, stated that things didn’t come out as planned: “We had a plan. I think we didn’t play that bad, but especially in the first game, we didn’t shoot enough. Maybe we should try to shoot more often, but in the end, there were two mistakes, two goals.”

He also expressed that they had hopes to take on Game 2: “The second game was a little bit better. We had the opportunity for the second goal, maybe then be able to win it, but in the end it was 1-1.”

The German player also said that they were going to focus on their last opportunity to reach the Finals: “I think it was okay and now we’re gonna concentrate for the Last Chance Group next month.”

E_C_Oneill expressed that they execute their game according to their opponents' style of playing: “In the first game, we played more offensively. Last time we played, we were more defensively against Monaco and now we played more offensively, showcasing our skills. As you can see, we can play both offensive and defensive. It doesn't matter, we adapt to our opponents and then do the job.”

The Celtic FC player also stated that they don’t wish to face AS Monaco until the Final: “No, it’s not (that we are) scared, it’s more like the way they play. They are very strong and they create lots of chances. To be honest, you have to look at your chances, who do you think will be the least best (to play) against, and who you think will be the best best (to play) against I guess. To be honest I think I don’t want to face Monaco until the Finals, and the other teams, sure, I think we can take them.”