Players’ statements during the eFootball.Pro League presentation

Alex Alguacil: “I’m happy for us, for the game and for the community as well”

Christopher, Boavista FC: "I’ve known Bounti27 and TioMit for many years and I’m used to training with them. I’m very confident for this first season of the eFootball.Pro League."

Lotfi, AS Monaco: "In AS Monaco we are a big family and everyone in the team support each other."

Alex Alguacil, FC Barcelona: "Since the beginning you feel this is a big thing, the best team in the world. From now on, we are professionals and this is the best for us. Not only for us, I think for the whole world of PES that will see this competition as a reference. Now it’s not only to be a good player, it’s the chance to be in these clubs and to be part of this competition. I’m happy for us, for the game and for the community as well."

wide: "We know each other for more than 20 years and play competitive PES for 14 years, and everybody know what the other thinks on the pitch."

ETTORITO97: "I’m so proud to play with Luca in Celtic FC. It will be strange for sure to play against Alex (Alguacil, in FC Barcelona), but it’s life, we are opponents now. Best of lucks for all the teams."

Alex GRD: "I feel very excited to be part of this competition with my friend Aazbabysk. The club won many trophies in the past, so we want to be part of it and bring the eFootball.Pro trophy to the fans and to the club."