These were players’ opinions in the mixed zone after Matchday 1

Boavista FC’s Christopher: “The most important when playing against top players is to score, not statistics”
Barcelona, Schalke and Celtic players emphasised the complexity of playing with their own club’s football players

FC Barcelona vs Boavista FC Mixed Zone

Boavista FC reactions:

Christopher, Boavista FC player:
“The game is like this, minutes 45 and 90 are very dangerous. They scored in the first game, maybe we did a bad pass and a bad choice of tactics at the end of the game because I thought we had the situation managed.”
“In the second game we had a lot of chances to score before but we didn’t have the little bit of luck we needed. The most important thing playing against top players is to score, statistics are not important.”
“We are still confident, we have 5-6 months, a lot of time to change the situation.”
“We have to shoot more. You like to build the occasion. Sometimes it can be a good point, sometimes a defect.”

FC Barcelona reactions:

Alex Alguacil, FC Barcelona player:
“We saw that they wanted to take the ball all the time, but we did what we know and we had great chances to score. Luckily this is what we did at last. Very happy because it’s the best form to start the season.”
“I have to say that I’m not very happy about how we played this first day. On one side it’s true that Barcelona has many handicaps against these teams: strength, height., speed…. but we have our keys.”
“We are confident. In 2-3 weeks playing together with Pau, when the rest of teams have been playing for a lot of time, we showed that we can compete with them. I’m happy and let’s wait for the next weeks.”

AS Monaco vs FC Schalke 04 Mixed Zone

FC Schalke 04 reactions:

EL_Matador, FC Schalke 04 player:
“I think we were totally in control, scored and early first goal, I had the big chance to score the second. In the second game we had a few problems to handle the path of Monaco’s forwards… We were a bit unlucky in the end.”

GoooL, FC Schalke 04 player:
“It’s difficult because you’ve got only the players that you have in your club and Schalke is a lot of stamina and very tough players, but not the fastest. 3 out of 4 goals were counterattacks and it’s very difficult because when there is much space and they do a good pass it’s very hard to get the ball or the opponent. That was the main problem.”

AS Monaco reactions:

Lotfi, AS Monaco player:
“We are very happy. We were here for the win, for our first AS Monaco official match. It was very important for us to win this game and we did, so we are very happy.”
“It will be important to defend better when the opponent centers but I think we had a good defense in the second game, a very good defense. It will be important in the future to do the same as in the second game to win all the match.”

FC Nantes vs Celtic FC Mixed Zone

FC Nantes reactions:

Alex GRD, FC Nantes player:
“It’s complicated to play the first game against the world champions. We did a good first game but missed too much occasions, like for the 3-3. After the second game we were good in defense but there was a goal too early and after that we didn’t play our game.”
“We are new club teammates so it takes time. They (Celtic FC) played together many years and they know each other very good. We have a lot to do to be part of the greatest players.”

Celtic FC reactions:

ETTORITO97, Celtic FC player:
“FC Nantes changed the formation, put a third striker, a very nice striker. Nantes is probably the best team in the competition.”
“Our style of the game, with Luca, is very similar. We play a lot, together and good.”