Mixed zone after Semifinal 2: FC Barcelona vs AS Monaco

AS Monaco ready to take on the Final while FC Barcelona kept fighting until the very end

Lotfi began expressing that they were pleased about achieving to be in the Final: “Yeah, we are very happy. One half of our job is finished, now (comes) the second part. We are happy. The second game was maybe difficult but we are happy.”

The French player also said that they were going to play the Final in their characteristic way: “We will play our game like always. It’s a good team so we would need to play like the last game. And I think it will be good.”

Usmakabyle expressed that his priority as a player is reaching and winning the Final, not winning the top goalscorer award: “(Winning the top goalscorer award) is not his objective, his objective is getting, not only to the final, but of course winning the final.”

Alex Alguacil explained that making the mistake of not making any changes before the extra time in Game 1 was what cost them their defeat: “Luckily in the first one, when we got the draw in the last moment. Before starting the extra time, we didn't change the players, and we started the extra time of the first game without changes on the team, so they (AS Monaco) had space to move the ball. Unluckily, they scored in that moment.”

Even though things did not come in their way, the Spanish player assured that they kept battling through the match, regardless of what the scoreboard said: “We kept fighting and fighting until the end, doesn’t matter if we lose by four, five or six goals, we are gonna fight. That's what we did. That’s football, you know. I hope the best team wins the Final and let’s see.”