Mixed zone after Semifinal 1: Celtic FC vs FC Nantes

Celtic FC satisfied with how they controlled the games to move on to the Final and FC Nantes disappointed since they were hungry for more

E_C_Oneill expressed that he has been wanting to achieve a hat trick for quite some time: “Finally! I’ve been trying to get this hat trick. Now I finally have it!”

The Dutch player also explained how both of the games went for the duo: “Actually, I think that the first game was sharp. We scored immediately in all our chances. (In the) second game, I think we were a little bit overconfident, like ‘yeah, we got this’. And they scored immediately back. To be honest, we were a bit in danger (in) the second game, because they were very strong and composed.”

E_C_Oneill also said that FC Nantes executed a good strategy in Game 2 that gave them a bit of a hard time: “They did really well the second game. To change the tactics, play very defensively on the counter and then they just passed through balls to Coulibaly. And that was a little bit difficult because they have a very fast center forward, they gave us a little bit troubles. But in the end, in the penalty shootout, we killed it.”

Alex GRD expressed that they did not like the way they lost to Celtic FC: “Very disappointed, because I think we can be far in this tournament and the Finals, but then, (came the) penalties. In the last game, it’s difficult to lose like this. We lost our first game and it was here where we lost the competition.”

He also reflected on their mistakes that lost their chances for winning the match: “Yeah, in the first match, we have nothing for us. We made mistakes that killed the competition for us. Disappointed because I would like to win this trophy. This year, (we reached the) semifinal. I hope next year we’ll be better and win this trophy.”

Alex GRD also commented on the change of tactics both of the teams made: “When we put 4-4-2, we were better, because they play 4-4-2 and 4-3-3 was difficult to defend. But it’s the game, no problem. Congratulations to Celtic.”