Finalists’ reactions after the eFootball.Pro League Final

Players’ immediate reactions to AS Monaco winning the eFootball.Pro and Celtic FC remaining as runner ups, and winning individual awards

Lotfi’s very first reaction to winning the Championship was complete satisfaction for having their work paid off: “We are happy! Very very happy, we worked a lot for this event. In all of the season we worked for this, and our work paid today. So we are very happy.”

The French player also mentioned a couple of setbacks AS Monaco had during the season: For today, I think it was the second game against FC Barcelona. Maybe in the season, our defeat against Celtic. We knew that we had delivered, I think we were better, but our mentality was maybe bad.”

He briefly explained what they did in the Final to take home the Championship: “(For the Final) we changed our mentality and played more offensively, we took more pressure in this game, so we are happy.”

Lotfi also assured that they viewed themselves as one of the heavy favourites of the competition: “Yes, sure. For us, we were, in terms of level, we were the best. We had good mentality today, we were sure to win.”

On the other hand, INDOMINATOR felt completely disappointed on losing the Final to AS Monaco: “Unfortunately, we started playing confident but suddenly they came upfront. We could have played our game. We have to give credit to AS Monaco for defending very well. Specially they took a profit after the previous matchday, they analysed us well. The deserved champion for today.”

E_C_Oneill recognised that their opponent executed the three games more efficiently than them: “It’s the way they played, they were strong in defense. Actually, they neutralised us. They actually played like how we played against them in the previous matchday, just waiting on the back end, neutralised the counters. Their long balls were very strong as well. So they were just very strong on the counter. Our tiki taka football was not strong enough to get through their defense, unfortunately. Very sad but next season we will be back stronger.”

E_C_Oneill also expressed that winning the MVP of the season does not compensate for the fact that Celtic FC remained as runner ups of the competition: “To be honest, not at all. I would trade this trophy anytime for the big trophy. I’m still sad, even though I have (the MVP of the Season award). The most important trophy, we don’t have (it). That’s the most important trophy for me, so MVP, I would trade it for the big trophy.”