Competition Director speaks about eFootball.Pro League

Jordi Orteu: “All fans are invited to the matches taking place in Monaco and Glasgow”

During the eFootball.Pro League presentation, Competition Director Jordi Orteu spoke about the competition structure.

Orteu explained that the matches will be played face-to-face, not online: “We will have 5 matchdays and all the games will be played LAN, locally. This means that teams need to travel like professional football players do. Some of the matches will be played in the Highvideo Studios and other matchdays will be played in stadiums, where we will bring our competition.”

The Competition Director cheered fans to attend the matches that will be played in Monaco and Glasgow: “We want fans to come to the stadiums, to see the show and the professional players, to see how an eFootball.Pro League matchday is. All fans are invited and I hope to have a lot of them.”

Finally, Orteu explained the Last Chance Group and the decision to include it in the competition: “We have the Regular League and the best three teams will advance to Finals and the three remaining will play in the Last Chance Group. This means that they have a chance to join the Finals and the reason for this is that we wanted to keep the emotion and the passion until the end of the league.”