How can a player win the eFootball.Pro League Season MVP

The award will take into consideration the Finals MVP and the MVPs earned throughout the Regular League

Along the eFootball.Pro Regular League, players have been named MVP of their matches by the eFootball.Pro League pundit because they had an excelling performance that helped deliver a victory or draw to their team on that Matchday. A few days after the Matchday, fans voted on Twitter for who was the best player of the day, or the Matchday MVP. Now, the time has come to crown an eFootball.Pro League Season MVP.

eFootball.Pro League fans’ opinion will have great weight on the MVP of the season winner. They will vote for the Finals MVP from the four players that will play the Final. Then, what will determine the Season MVP will be the sum of points earned according to the MVPs the player has won throughout the Regular League and the Finals MVP. Regular League MVPs will have a value of 1 point each, and Finals MVP will have a value of 2 points. The player with the most MVP points will be the season MVP. In case of a draw, the Finals MVP will have more value.

The players that have won the most MVPs are: Usmakabyle (2), E_C_Oneill (1), and Lotfi (1). Even though these are the players that have earned an MVP in at least one Matchday, any player in the eFootball.Pro League can win the award, since the Finals MVP has more value than the Matchday MVPs.