These are the clubs stats of the eFootball.Pro League at the moment

The teams will keep accumulating numbers during the Finals

With the Finals about to take place, the first eFootball.Pro League champion will be crowned very soon. Although there can only be one winner of the league, the clubs accumulate other stats, such as goals scored, assists, saves, clean sheets, among others. These numbers come from what all of the players that represent the club have done throughout all of the five of the Matchdays, up until the Finals on May 19th, 2019. The numbers in stats accumulated during the Last Chance Group will not count. Here is a visual representation of how the clubs have performed throughout the season.

The club that has achieved the most wins during the Matchdays is Celtic FC (4), followed by FC Barcelona (3) and the rest of the teams, with one win each. These results correspond to the final table positions: Celtic FC, FC Barcelona, AS Monaco, which are qualified directly to the Finals, followed by FC Nantes, Boavista FC, and FC Schalke 04. These last three face each other in the Last Chance Group for a last opportunity to qualify to the Finals.

The clubs that have scored the most goals at the moment are FC Barcelona (21), AS Monaco (20), and Celtic FC (19). The team that has provided the most assists is FC Barcelona (20), followed by Celtic FC (18), and FC Nantes (17). The clubs that have made the most shots are AS Monaco (68), Celtic FC (54), and FC Nantes (50).

The only teams that have achieved clean sheets are Celtic FC (3), FC Barcelona (2), and FC Schalke 04 (1). The teams that have achieved the most saves are Schalke 04 (22), and FC Nantes (21). The teams that have committed the most fouls, including offsides, are FC Nantes (29), and Celtic FC (28). The teams that has conceded the most goals are Boavista FC (24), and FC Nantes (19).