2018-19 eFootball.Pro League Official Rules

  • Website version, March 2019

  • 1. Introduction

    1.1 Definition

    The eFootball.Pro League is an international tournament played on the ©PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019 video game edited by KONAMI.

    It is composed of a LAN (face-to-face) Regular League in a Single Leg format and LAN Final Phase with 16 teams or fewer depending on the Regular League’s signed teams.

    The organisation of the eFootball.Pro League Regular League, Last Chance Group and Finals is managed by eFootball.Pro.

    1.1.1 Special vocabulary

    The following specific vocabulary is included in the Rules:
    - Match: Each full fixture or duel between two contestant teams, at any stage of the season.
    - Game: Each of the video game matches played in a full league Match. A Match can have 2, 3 or 5 Games depending on the season stage.
    - Video game: The electronic game used to play in the competition.
    - Player: Professional player from a team in the league.
    - In-game player: Virtual player inside the video game.
    - Manager: Person in charge of a team management, performing activities such as coaching, organisation, logistics…
    - Referee: Real judge of the Matches.
    - Regular League: First part of the eFootball.Pro League.
    - Final Phase: Last part of the eFootball.Pro League. Includes the Last Chance Group and the Finals.
    - Finals: Last event of the season including Semifinals and Final. The winner of the Final will be the winner of the eFootball.Pro League.

    1.2 Regulation Committee

    The present rules are decided and written by the eFootball.Pro Regulation Committee.

    The eFootball.Pro Regulation Committee is composed of the Competition Director and the Executive Director of eFootball.Pro.

    Changes or new rules should be approved by the eFootball.Pro Council composed of eFootball.Pro, the Clubs & Konami.

    1.3 Application

    The rules of the eFootball.Pro League apply to each of the Players and Managers involved in the league, including the Regular League, the Last Chance Group and the Finals.

  • 2. eFootball.Pro Tournament Areas

    2.1 Tournament Area

    The Tournament Area comprises the gaming area where the Players compete and the Referee stands.

    2.1.1 Access

    The Tournament Area is open to Players which have a Match to play and their Manager.

    Players and Managers who do not have a Match to play, as well as spectators and media, are forbidden from entering the Tournament Area.

    Players cannot remain on chairs, tables or other eFootball.Pro’s equipment not assigned for their Matches by the Referee.

    Only the eFootball.Pro staff and other authorised staff can stay inside the Tournament Area.

    2.1.2 Players

    During the warm-up, within the Tournament Area, Players will be allowed to interact with their Manager, spectators and opponents of their next Match.

    During their Match, Players must:
    - Not interact in any way with anybody but their opponents, Manager and the tournament Referee.
    - Remain seated at their station assigned by the tournament Referee until the Match ends.
    - Not intentionally manipulate their controller or their opponent’s controller.
    - Follow the instructions of the tournament’s Referee.
    - Not start the Game until the Referee indicates so.
    - Not stop the replays of the Game. This can be potentially penalised by the organisation.

    2.1.3 Players’ Manager

    The Players’ Manager is authorised to enter the Tournament Area at any time during their Players’ Matches and warm-up.

    During their Players‘ Matches, Managers must:
    - Remain inside the Tournament Area.
    - Not interact in any way with rival Players or Manager.

    2.1.4 Media members

    Media members are not authorised to enter the Tournament Area at any time. During a Match media must:
    - Remain outside the Tournament Area
    - Not interact in any way with the Players.

    These rules apply also to official Club media members.

  • 3. Tournament

    3.1 Tournament video game Settings

    3.1.1 Video game version

    The tournament will use the latest available version of Pro Evolution Soccer Series.

    3.1.2 Video game Settings

    The following Video game settings will be used: Match Screen Settings

    - Radar Appearance: Bottom
    - Player Name Plate: ON
    - Colour of Radar Dots (HOME): Default
    - Colour of Radar Dots (AWAY): Default
    - Power Gauge: ON
    - Cursor Display: ON
    - Stamina Gauge: ON
    - Time/Score: ON
    - Display Opponent player name: ON
    - Set Piece of Guides: OFF Sound Settings

    All sound settings should be set to the maximum level (15), except for commentary volume level, that should be turned off (0). Video game Speed Settings

    Video game Speed should be set to 0. Brightness Settings

    - Contrast should have a value between 50 and 100.
    - Brightness should have a value between 75 and 100. Controller Vibration Settings

    Controller Vibration: OFF PES2019 Official Competition Settings 

    Feature Restrictions: ON General Settings

    - Mode: 2v2 CO-OP
    - Stadium: eFootball.Pro Arena
    - Match Time: 10 min
    - Extra Time: OFF
    - PK: OFF
    - N. of Substitutions: 3
    - Player Emotions: ON (As per 2019 defaults).
    - Level: Super Star
    - Season: Current Real Season
    - Time of Day: eFootball.Pro Stadium’s default
    - Weather: Current Weather
    - Game Speed: Normal
    - Team: Club
    - Condition: →
    - Multiplayer Camera: Dynamic Wide
    - Camera settings: Dynamic Wide
    - Time/Score Display: On
    - Radar: 2D or 3D
    - Injuries: ON
    - Cap Level: 85
    - Balanced Stats: ON

    3.1.3 Team and controller Settings

    The following team and controller settings will be used:
    - Tactics: by default or team special tactic.
    - Controller: PS4 Default controller or one validated by eFootball.Pro.

    3.1.4 Particular video game Settings for Matches in Regular League and Last Chance Group

    A Match at the Regular League or the Last Chance Group can end with a tied score, meaning that:
    - The Game does not have to use the extra-time rule.
    - The Game does not have to use the penalty shoot-out rule.

    3.1.5 Special game Setting for Matches in Finals

    A Match in Finals (Semifinal and Final) cannot end with a tied score. Extra time and penalties will be applied.

    3.1.6 Rules for team selection

    It is mandatory to use the representative Club from each Player.

    3.2 Before the Match

    3.2.1 Match start time

    The Match start time indicates the time when the Match begins. Therefore, Players are advised to be at the Tournament Area at least 60 minutes before their Match start time to set up their gaming gear and warm-up. Players are invited to be up to date with the tournament schedule.

    3.2.2 Setup and warm-up

    Players must play on the station designated by the tournament Referee. Players are responsible for the appropriate installation and functioning of their gaming gear. This includes providing and installing the adequate drivers when necessary and providing the suitable type of wires or adapters when necessary. The tournament Referee may possibly help the Player with technical issues but may not delay the tournament schedule for that reason. In case of a possible delay, a PS4 Default controller will be used.

    3.2.3 Match on stage

    Players have to accept to play defined Matches on stage and their particular stage conditions, including, but not limited to, special lights, heart rate meters, club official kits, use of proper language during the Match as well as use of special headphones. Specific accessories will be provided by the organisation.

    3.3 During a Match

    Players can only pause the video game at most three times during the Match.

    3.3.1 Between Matches

    An official Match can only be started and played when the tournament Referee has given the signal to start. Any Match started without the approval of the Referee will be considered as a non-official Match.

    When the tournament Referee has given the signal to start, Players have one (1) minute after the signal to be ready and start the Match.

    3.3.2 In-game pause

    Players can pause the video game to change strategy and Players only three times per Match and when the video game action is stopped (ie: offside, touchline, fouls, etc.).

    Exceptionally, Players can pause the video game when one of their in-game players is sent off or is injured to substitute him and change the strategy.

    3.3.3 Momentum interruption

    If the Momentum is involuntary interrupted (Player crashes, server crashes, network cuts…) the tournament officials will decide whether or not to replay the Match.

    If the Match must be replayed, it will be replayed according to the following rules:
    - If both teams have not scored any goal during the first half-time of any of the Games, the whole Game (and the following if applies) will be replayed.

    - If the problem happened during the first time of a Game after the first goal was scored, the Game will be restarted with the second half-time. The goals scored in the first half-time will be added to the ones scored in the second and the sum will be the final score of the Game.

    - If the problem happened during the second half of a Game, the game will be restarted with only the second half-time. The goals scored in the first half-time will be added to the ones scored in the second and the sum will be the final score of the Game.

    3.4 After Match

    3.4.1 Investigation request

    When Players estimate being victim of a rule violation during a Match, they are compelled to not stop the game by any means and to properly finish it. Once the Match is over, the Player may officially ask tournament officials for an investigation. It is strongly advised to provide valuable information that may help the tournament director in the investigation. Unjustified and repetitive use of this right may be penalised.

    3.4.2 Score validation

    After a Match both Managers have to report the Match score to the Referee and sign the Match Report document (paper or electronic).

    After signing the Match Report document, the result is final and no further appeals will be accepted.

    3.4.3 Press conference

    Players cannot refuse to participate in eFootball.Pro League press conferences, media partner requests or signing sessions.

    3.5 eFootball.Pro League Format

    3.5.1 Format overview

    The Regular League will start with six teams and five Matchdays. Every win will be awarded with three (3) points, a draw with one (1) point and a defeat with zero (0) points.

    The Match format of the Regular League will comprise two 10-minute Games so the team that wins the series will get three (3) points. The possibility of a draw can happen if both teams win one Match each.

    After the Regular League there will be a Final Phase, including the Last Chance Group and the Finals (Semifinals and Final).

    The last three teams of the eFootball.Pro League Regular League will play the Last Chance Group.

    3.5.2 Tiebreakers in Regular League and Last Chance Group

    1. Match wins/draws/losses (head-to-head) / Higher number of points obtained in the Matches played between the tied teams.
    2. Match score against (head-to-head) / Higher goal difference from the Matches played between the tied teams.
    3. Match score difference (overall) / Overall goal difference in the Regular League or in the Last Chance Group.
    4. In case of tie after the above mentioned tiebreakers, fast 5-minute Games will be played.

    3.5.3 Final Phase rules

    The format of the Last Chance Group will be a single Match group format, following the Regular League rules and points system. The winner of the group will advance to the Finals.

    The Finals will have the top three teams from Regular League and the winner team of the Last Chance Group. It will be played in a single elimination bracket.

    Teams will be seeded in the Finals by their performance in the eFootball.Pro League Regular League.

    The Semifinals will be played in a Bo3 format.

    The Final will be played in a Bo5 format.

    3.6 Tournament Match format

    The following format applies to the Regular League and the Last Chance Group Matches.

    3.6.1 Best of Two Format for eFootball.Pro

    The Match format will include two 10-minute Games. The team that wins the series will be awarded three (3) points. The possibility of a draw can happen if both teams win one Match.

    If a draw occurs in both Games, the overall result will be draw. In case of a draw in only one Game, the team that wins the other Game will win the Match, the overall.


    Game 1: Team A 1-1 Team B
    Game 2: Team A 1-2 Team B
    Team B wins the three (3) points by 0-1 (0 wins - 1 win) in the overall.

    Game 1: Team A 1-1 Team B
    Game 2: Team A 2-2 Team B
    Teams are tied and they win one (1) point each one.

    Game 1: Team A 2-1 Team B
    Game 2: Team A 3-2 Team B
    Team A wins the three (3) points by 2-0 in the overall.

    Game 1: Team A 3-1 Team B
    Game 2: Team A 3-4 Team B
    Teams are tied and each one wins one (1) point.

    3.6.2 Tiebreaker Match

    A tiebreaker Match is played when a deadlock needs to be broken. It is played as a single-game Match.

    3.7 Tournament schedule

    The schedule updates can be checked on the Calendar section of this website.

    3.8 Tournament materials

    The Organiser (eFootball.Pro) will provide the following materials:
    - Console
    - Monitor
    - Gamepads
    - Pro Gaming Chairs
    - Headphones

    The Organiser will not loan material to Players and will not delay the start of a Match for a missing or inoperative Players’ material.

    3.8.1 Participants’ own materials

    Players can provide the following materials:
    - Own Gamepad (and adapter if needed to connect it).
    - All necessary wires to make their material work properly on the console and monitor provided by the Organiser.

    All Players’ materials are subject to tournament Referee approval. Organiser reserves the right to deny the use of anything suspected of providing an unfair competitive advantage.

    Players must install and configure their material on their own.

    3.8.2 Prohibited materials

    Players cannot connect non-essential equipment, such as cell phones, USB Key, flash drives or MP3 devices to the console or power strip whatever the reason..

    3.8.3 Prohibited software

    Players are strictly prohibited from using any software that may modify the game functionalities, principles or graphical render.

    If the presence or use of a prohibited software is detected, the concerned Player will be banished of any current and future eFootball.Pro League tournaments and the cash prize earned, if any, will be cancelled.

  • 4. Conduct Rules

    4.1 Forbidden behaviours

    Players or Managers will be penalised if they are found attempting to somehow infringe any rule. The following is a list of forbidden behaviors:
    - Refuse to follow Referee instructions.
    - Arrive late at their schedule commitments.
    - Show dissent by word or action.
    - Use insulting language and/or gestures.
    - Use insulting language in-game.
    - Perform unsporting behavior.
    - Mislead on their identity (fake nickname or identity usurpation).
    - Mislead or dupe the Referee.
    - Don't put any effort to win Match.
    - Try to manipulate the League ranking.

    Furthermore Players or Managers or any third party involved in the team may not take part, either directly or indirectly, in betting or gambling on any results of any eFootball.Pro League (including Regular League, Last Chance Group and Finals).

    The nature and scope of the penalty imposed due to such violations will be at the sole discretion of the Referee and tournament director.

    4.2 Penalties policy

    4.2.1 List of penalties

    After discovery of any Player or Manager committing any violations of the present rules, the Regulations Committee may apply the following penalties:
    - Verbal warning x2
    - Match loss
    - Disqualification

    Depending on the degree, repetition and the final analysis, the Regulations Committee may apply additional penalties such as banishment from future eFootball.Pro League competitions, removal of all cash prizes and awards or legal proceedings.

  • 5. Rules Update

    eFootball.Pro reserves the right to change or modify these Rules at any time for the good functioning of the eFootball.Pro League. eFootball.Pro encourages everyone to review these regulations from time to time in order to be apprised of any changes.