• What is the eFootball.Pro League?

    The eFootball.Pro League is an esports competition exclusively for football clubs.

    The first eFootball.Pro League season has 6 teams competing: FC Barcelona, FC Schalke 04, AS Monaco, Celtic FC, Boavista FC and FC Nantes.

    The eFootball.Pro League is played with the video game Pro Evolution Soccer 2019, by KONAMI.

  • What is the format of the eFootball.Pro League?

    The eFootball.Pro League is taking place from December 2018 to May 2019, and has 3 stages: The Regular Season, The Playoffs, and the Finals.

    The Regular Season goes from December to April and has 5 matchdays. The matches are played once per month on Saturdays or Sundays. After the 5 matchdays, the best 3 teams get a direct bye to the Finals, and the last 3 teams go to the Playoffs. The winner of the Playoffs earns a spot in the Final. Regular Season and Playoff games are best-of-two (Bo2).

    The Playoffs are in May, and the winner qualifies for the Finals.

    The Finals are played also in May, immediately following the Playoffs. The Finals consist of Semi-finals (Bo3, best-of-three) and the Final (Bo5, best-of-five).

  • How does the Bo2 format work in the eFootball.Pro League?

    Regular Season and Playoff matches are Bo2 (best-of-two). This means that in each match, teams play two Pro Evolution Soccer games.

    If a team wins both games, it wins the full match and is awarded 3 points. If a team wins one game and draws the other, it wins the full match and is awarded 3 points.

    If each team wins one game, or if both games end in a draw, the full match ends in a draw and each team is awarded 1 point.

    The points earned determine the Regular Season standings, and the winner of the Playoffs.

  • When will the eFootball.Pro League begin?

    The eFootball.Pro League begins on Sunday, December 2, 2018.

  • How is the league calendar? When are the fixtures announced?

    You can see all the announced matches and dates in the Calendar section of the website.

  • Where can I watch eFootball.Pro League matches?

    You can watch all eFootball.Pro League matches live or via podcast, as well as all related content, on the official channels of eFootball.Pro.

  • Can I attend eFootball.Pro League matches?

    The eFootball.Pro League matches held at Highvideo Studios are not open to the public. You can follow the matches on our official digital channels. You do have the chance to attend matches held outside the studios. Check our social media channels regularly for more information on how to attend.

  • How can I become a professional PES player?

    You have to train and participate in available online and offline competitions.

  • Can my club participate in the eFootball.Pro League?

    The eFootball.Pro League is an esports competition for football clubs only.

  • How can I be part of the esports team of a football club?

    The clubs themselves recruit their own players. Please contact them directly for more information.

  • Where can I find the eFootball.Pro League Rules?

    You can read the eFootball.Pro League's Official Rules in the Rules section on this website.